1.       What is an Affiliate Marketing Program?
Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money through the Internet, where you can receive commission for referring a parent company to make sales via your website.

2.       What is ChalkStreet Affiliate Program?
The ChalkStreet Affiliate Program rewards you for directing customers to our website who subsequently make a purchase. For this, we pay you a referral commission.

3.       I don’t have my own website or blog. Can I still join the Program?
Yes, you can still join the ChalkStreet Affiliate Program. You can promote the product (ChalkStreet courses) by writing product reviews in various forums, communities, and social media platforms by providing your link to direct the potential customers to ChalkStreet to make purchases. 

4.       What product do I have to promote or market?
ChalkStreet is an E-learning platform, which offers courses on a broad range of topics (Technology, Business, Test Prep, Career Development, Hobbies, and Lifestyle). Choose any of these courses as per the customer segment you have a reach to, and get paid when they make purchases through your link.

5.       What credentials do I need to submit in order to join the Affiliate Program?
Apart from the details mentioned in the Signup form, all Affiliates must provide their PAN Card number and account details. These details are essential to set up the payment process. Promotions 

6.       What are the Marketing collaterals available for promoting your courses?
As an Affiliate you will have access to the following Marketing collaterals:

The earnings of the Affiliates will be decided as per the amount paid by the customer.

7.       What is an affiliate link? How do I generate one?
Choose a course or (a page) from the available list of courses from www.chalkstreet.com and paste the "Insert Link” in your dashboard and click on "Generate Link”..
View the courses available for promotions in “Choose a Course”.

8.       How do I make money? What are the different ways of promoting your products?
You earn commissions by referring customers to our website (http://www.chalkstreet.com), where they purchase our courses. You will earn percentage commission for every purchase.
Promote us on your Website or Blog. If you don’t have it, you can still promote us through:
·         search engines (Learn how)
·         posting in discussion forums, communities, and product reviews
·         posting link on Social Media Channels- Facebook, Twitter, Quora and LinkedIn (Learn how)
·         Simple email (or Newsletter) to your mailing list with a set of courses you wish to market
·         Word of mouth (to your friends and social circle) 

Earnings and Payment 

9.   How do I track my earnings?
The earnings can be tracked through the “Performance” tab. You can view the earnings for the month and the record of your previous earnings. 

10.   What is the commission I get on each purchase?
The ChalkStreet Affiliate Program is defined by the total amount of the Sales made due to the Affiliate promotional efforts.
The Affiliate commission is set to a predefined percentage on the sale price*.
*Please read T&C carefully to understand service charges and tax deductions.

11. What are the deductions (fees and taxes) applied to my earnings?
a. Payment Gateway or App Store Charges
When users purchase a course online, they utilize an online payment gateway, which charges a fees. Such charges vary by gateway. These charges would be deducted from the Sale Price while arriving at the Affiliate Revenue amount. For payments made via Credit Cards or NetBanking, gateway charges of 3% of the Sale Price would be deducted. For payments made via PayPal, 5% charge plus a fixed charge per transaction as per their policy (currently Rs 20) would be deducted.
In case of sales in the Mobile Application (ChalkStreet App), the actual amount charged as fees by Apple or Google for sales in either the Apple App Store or Google Play would be deducted.
b. ChalkStreet is liable to pay a Goods and Service Tax (GST) of 18% on the sales price of every sale to the government. This tax amount (which changes as per government policy) is included in the Base Price of the course.
Also, for Affiliate T&C, please use the attached doc to replace the old T&C. Few terms have been updated along with the GST rate.
The service tax amount, calculated as per the rates applicable at the time of sale, shall then be deducted by the company from the Base Price to arrive at the Sale Price.
If an affiliate has an Indian Service Tax Number, he or she can inform the company and quote it on his/her invoice to claim Service Tax credit.
In addition to the Service Tax, the company is also mandated by Indian law to deduct a TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) of 10% once the total annual payout to one affiliate exceeds Rs. 30000 in one Financial Year in the case of Resident Indian Affiliates. In case of Non-Indian Affiliates, TDS is deducted as per the DTAA (Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement) between India and the country of residence of the affiliate. Default TDS rate for non-Indian affiliates shall be 10%. TDS is deducted from the Gross Payable Amount to arrive at the Net Payable Amount.

12.   What is TDS? Why is it deducted?
TDS (Tax deducted as Source), is a means of collecting income tax in India, under the Indian Income Tax Act of 1961. As the Affiliate Program is a source of income, TDS is applicable on all transactions happening under the banner.

13.   How and when will I be paid?
The payment cycle is of 45 days. For example – the payment for the sales of month of February 2017 will be credited by 15 April 2017. The amount will be credited to the account details provided by the affiliate.


14.   What if there is a campaign or sale on the courses? How much will I earn?
There might be occasions when offers on specific courses are introduced by ChalkStreet. These offers apply to all the courses and hence, the affiliate earnings will be calculated as per the amount which is paid by the user during the purchase. 

15.   My query is not listed, how do I contact you?
You can contact us with your queries related to Affiliate Program on support@chalkstreet.com.